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Save Tower Road Christian Preschool

Tower Road Christian Preschool is in imminent danger of closing. Help us save the preschool by giving a donation or using the pledge form to make a pledge before the end of Friday 29th October 2021. If the pledge target of $50,000.00 is reached your pledge will be requested by 5.00pm Saturday 30th October 2021.

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Tower Road Christian Preschool

With it's roots established by the Matamata Baptist Church, and now under the care of Peria Christian Education Inc, God has blessed  Tower Road Christian Preschool with the care and nurture of children for over 20 years.

Matamata Christian School

From it’s humble beginnings in February 1988 as Rainbow Park Christian School when 11 pupils and a teacher started meeting in the basement of a home on Tower Road, to it’s present 120 pupil Smith Street site as Matamata Christian School, people have listened and responded to God’s quickening of their hearts and have contributed in many different ways to make the school what it is today.

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Read more about our development plans

Matamata Christian School MLE Development

Peria Christian Education Inc is embarking on a bold four stage project to upgrade and modernise learning spaces.

Stage one, the refurbishment of Room five, (our juniors classroom), in now completed. It included removing internal walls, extending the deck, adding wide sliding doors exiting onto the deck, adding internal and external glass windows and doors to create breakout spaces, relining internal walls and adding the latest and greatest furniture and fittings. Final cost $115,000.

Room 5 Front View

Room 5 Front View

Room 5 exit onto deck breakout space

Room 5 exit onto deck breakout space

Tower Road Christian Preschool Playground Upgrade

Tower Road Christian Preschool is embarking on a major upgrade of it's outdoor play area including additional drainage, pathways and modernising outdoor play equipment. Estimated cost $75,000 (Concept drawings to come)

Present playgound

Present playgound

Matamata Christian School Con't

Stage two includes joining rooms three and four together with expanded break out spaces, adding an extended covered deck, adding wide sliding doors exiting onto the deck, internal relining and adding the latest and greatest furniture and fittings. Estimated cost between $200,000 and $300,000. (Concept drawings to come)

Stage three includes adding breakout spaces and providing a connection between rooms one and two by incorporating the library into them, providing covered decking and adding modern concept furniture and fittings Estimated cost between $200,000 and $300,000. (Concept drawings to come)

Stage four is the addition of a multi purpose hall. Estimated cost unknown. See concept floor plan.

Concept floor plan for a multi purpose hall

Concept floor plan for a multi purpose hall

How you can help

Your Prayers will help to ensure our success.

Your support through encouragement and telling others about us.

Your donations will be tax deductable in New Zealand and can be made by direct credit to the Kiwibank account number 38-9022-0105816-00. Please provide your name and phone number if you require a receipt. Alternatively use the donation button below to make a one off or repeating donation with your credit card. 

Would you consider making regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly donations by A/P? Checkout the Founders Fund.

Your time will help to keep costs down. Volunteers will be called for as the project progresses.

Make a donation today

To earmark you donation for a specific purpose/project simply tick the "Write us a comment" box on the donation page and enter your preference. Unearmarked donations will be distributed according to priorities. 

Our accountability

Please feel free to check out where your donations go.


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