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Proudly supporting Matamata Festival of Flowers 2019

Matamata Festival of Flowers - Wednesday 27th March to Saturday 30th March

In support of the Festival of Flowers and as a fundraising venture, we are providing catering services for the four days of the event.

Our goal is to raise over $5,000.00 to be shared equally between Tower Road Christian Preschools playground upgrade and Matamata Christian Schools Junior room upgrade, You can help by donating for the cost of an item through the shop below, or volunteering a slice of you time through the roster form also below. Donations received above requirements will go towards the cause.

Instead of asking for donations of baking, savouries, equipment etc, we are asking for donations to cover these costs

Use the form below to make your donation.

Founders Fund

You can help the Foundation achieve our educational group's vision for the future by setting up a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly donation by A/P to the Founders Fund using the adjacent form.

By establishing a long term steady stream of donations, the Foundation will be better able to support children to receive Christian care and education, provide resources and continue property development.

If you feel called to support the Foundation with part of your Kingdom giving, you can set up an A/P using the adjacent form right now.

Alternatively hop onto the internet and set up your own A/P to ASB bank account number 12-3438-0005889-00.

Donations are tax deductible. For a tax receipt please include your phone number and your name as a reference.

Interested in volunteering for one of the following teams - Kitchen, Courtesy, Servery, Dishwashing and Cleanup, Pre Fest Setup, Post Fest Takedown? Please choose a team and time slot below

We know that your time is precious to you and we appreciate that you are offering some of it to our cause. We will look after it carefully. Please let us know when you will be available to help on the feedback form below.

Thank you for offering your time, we know it is precious to you. We will make contact with you shortly.

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